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We are one of the first in Lithuania to take an interest in outdoor hot tubs and produce them. Throughout this time, we have become thoroughly acquainted with the secrets and subtleties of making tubs, so now we can offer our customers the best tubs at a reasonable price for everyone. We have more than 10 years of experience in this field. We work with many companies and private buyers in Europe who are satisfied with our work. We use new and modern technologies in the production of hot tubs, but all hot tubs are assembled by specialists. All our outdoor hot tubs are tested with water and otherwise inspected before the product is delivered to the buyer.

Mission - To meet people's needs, provide them with a quality and exclusive product for the Lithuanian and European markets, we strive to make a profit and create an affordable price.

Vision - To become a leader among outdoor hot tub manufacturers in Lithuania and around the world. Provide the highest quality product and leave competitors behind.

Sector - Manufacturing sector

Product / Service - Smart outdoor hot tub for people who like to relax. Which will be equipped with the latest equipment, which will continue to improve.

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The business idea is to create and launch new multifunctional outdoor hot tubs with an installation of unprecedented configuration, which would attract people's attention, be unique in the market and bring profit. This business idea is different because people have not yet encountered such outdoor hot tubs, which have the following functions: hydromassage, audio equipment, fiberglass interior, phone-controlled motors and oven, which allows to increase the temperature, nozzle intensity, audio equipment. >
With this product, consumers would be satisfied with an outdoor hot tub, which has a new full set of SPA-functions. As we want to become a fully-fledged company and earn our reputation, we will strive to expand the consumer market across Europe. Outdoor hot tubs already reach foreign countries such as Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway and the Baltic countries.

There are quite a few competitors, but each of our HOT TUB KINGS customers can choose which product model to put together, thus knowing the final price. The prices of our products, compared to other sellers, are quite competitive, we hope to beat all competitors with the new circulation number and successfully rise to the heights with our uniqueness.

Development, the opportunities to grow and strengthen with a smart hot tub are really great because no one has such a product, we aim to expand to such countries as Finland, Germany, Spain, Sweden ... Our team in the production of hot tubs has a great deal of experience and I think we will handle this task.

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When heating with well-dried wood (or briquettes), the vat is heated for 2-5 hours. The heating time of the water depends on the air temperature, the size of the bath, the temperature of the injected water. When heating the bath, we recommend every 30 minutes. mix water if there is no air and hydro massage in the bath.
The main difference between a plastic tub and a wooden one is the features of care and use. Vats made of special plastic - polypropylene - do not require as much maintenance as wooden ones. Our fiberglass bathtubs are made of polypropylene 5 mm thick (some parts are 8 mm), which is very durable, frost-resistant, easy to clean. Since the exterior is made of wood, hot tubs look just as beautiful as wooden ones, just for more hygiene. Fiberglass bathtubs do not need to constantly hold water, because they do not dry out like wooden tubs, the water is simply drained after bathing. The fiberglass bathtub is suitable for cleaning a bathtub or pool.
Both types of ovens are good and easy to use. The difference is that an indoor oven will take up space in your hot tub and they will remain less bathable, while an outdoor oven is built next to the hot tub and will take up space on your deck. It is easier to detach the stove from the hot tub, which is especially important in remote backyards to prevent theft.
It depends on how many people bathe most often.
Typically, the oven needs to be heated for 2-4 hours for the water to reach the desired temperature.
The heating time depends on the heat of the wood, the air temperature and the amount of water in the tub. The larger the bath, the longer it burns.
It will take longer and pour water into a large tub. Of course, swimming in the hot tub is more fun with a large group of people.
Standard bath sizes are 1.8 m, 2 m and 2.2 m. The optimal size of a whirlpool tub for personal use is 4-6 people (1.8 m).
We can make tubs of any size and shape according to individual orders.

The tradition of bathing in a hot tub came from Japan.

The hot tub repeats the tradition of a homemade Japanese sauna, when bathing in a wooden barrel filled with hot water.

The Japanese sauna procedure begins with taking a shower or a copious shower. Only then do you go to the hot tub.

Heat in such a sauna sitting or half-lying, watching carefully that the heart area remains above the water.

The water heats up to 40-50 ° C. A hat or towel dampened with cold water should be put on the head.

One of the most important conditions is that the tub must be in a clean, cool and well-ventilated room, and preferably outdoors, under the open sky.

After 10 minutes of warm-up, the pulse rate can rise to 120 beats per minute, which can cause dizziness to some extent in the unfamiliar. It is recommended to relax after such a sauna.

It is important to remember that the stove must not be started too early before the water is poured into the bath, as the heat can damage the bath.

It is recommended to start building the oven when about 12-10 cm of water remains in order to rise to the top of the bath.

It is best to drain the tub when it has cooled completely.

If you rush to drain the water, the heat in the oven will damage both your bathtub and the oven itself.

It is strictly forbidden to build a hot tub until the water reaches the required limit - i. 12-10 cm to the top of the bath.

Never drain the open hot tub while the oven is hot.

It is strictly forbidden to store water in a plastic basin at subzero temperatures outside.

A plastic bathtub does not require bloating or special care, you just need to drain the water after bathing and that's it. The plastic bathtub is suitable for cleaning a regular bathtub or pool.

It is recommended to clean the oven every 3-5 creations with a special cloth.

The bathing tub is an excellent prevention against colds and a health-promoting measure.

Hot water promotes blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the organs.

This simple procedure has a great healing power - it protects against the flu, runny nose, has a positive effect on joints, nerves, heart and blood vessels, improves metabolism and general well-being.

According to Japanese doctors, due to the frequent use of such saunas, heart disease and rheumatism are less common in their country.

Hot tub heating is just a salvation for those who have a hard time withstanding the heat of a Finnish sauna or the heat and humidity of a Russian sauna!

Visiting the sauna brightens the mind, creates a feeling of freshness, improves health, influences strength, beautifies the skin.

Ancient Japanese legends about the creation of the world say that by bathing in a Japanese bath, the Japanese gods created the Universe…

To build an outdoor hot tub, you first need a smooth surface - it can be a smooth wooden terrace, concrete blocks, compacted gravel.

Before installing the foundation for building a plastic tub, it is necessary to think about water drainage.

The outdoor hot tub must be built on a level surface:

1. Can be built directly on a wooden terrace (level)

2. On blocks, but it is recommended to lay 5cm polystyrene foam (reference)

3. On concrete, but it is recommended to lay 5cm polystyrene foam (reference)

4. On compacted soil (preferably gravel), but it is recommended to lay 5cm polystyrene foam (reference)

It is important to remember that the stove must not be started too early before the water is poured into the bath, as the heat can damage the bath.

It is recommended to start building the oven when about 12-10 cm of water remains in order to rise to the top of the bath.

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